Aerospace Plastics

New Technology Plastics offers the most extensive list of plastic materials for the Aerospace Industry. The requirements being placed on new aerospace components are becoming more difficult than ever. The materials used in components are particularly important when it comes to the innovation and optimization processes for these parts.

New Technology’s plastic stock shapes for use in the aerospace industry offer numerous advantages over other materials.

Aerospace Plastics Material Properties And Specifications

Aerospace Plastics Characteristics

  • A weight saving of up to 60% compared with aluminum – this reduces energy consumption significantly.
  • Better and easier further processing into the component
  • Greater freedom in the component design, which in turn reduces manufacturing and assembly costs.
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Inherently flame resistant.
  • High specific strength thanks to fiber-reinforced plastics
  • Impressive gliding properties with excellent dry-running properties and freedom from maintenance during use
  • Low outgassing in a vacuum and good radiation resistance
  • More cost-effective solution than aluminum or titanium

A further advantage of plastics is the application-specific modification by means of fillers and additives. For example, in many cases it is possible to replace metals with fiber-reinforced plastics, since these have greater rigidity compared with unreinforced plastics. 

Requirements for the Aerospace Industry

To minimize the risks when it comes to material input, the plastic stock shapes must satisfy the detailed requirements of end customers and system suppliers. Depending on the area of application, different requirements apply. For each manufacturer, exists individually developed material specifications setting out the required material properties such as density, mechanical and thermal properties, and flammability. New Technology

Plastics distribution partner Ensinger works very closely with aerospace manufacturers and system suppliers to qualify the plastics for use in aerospace applications.


In aircraft interiors, the requirements of FAR 25.853 must be fulfilled; the materials must pass material tests for example on flammability, smoke emission and thermal stress.

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New Technology Plastics inventories a wide selection of general-purpose and high-performance plastics in sheet, rod, tube, and films. Whatever your need is New Technology Plastics is your best choice.


We specialize in the machining and fabrication of general-purpose and high-performance plastics for the aerospace, medical, food-processing, and general OEM companies.

Thermoforming & Assembly

Our award-winning plastics manufacturing services and quality certifications allow us to serve a variety of Aerospace, High-Tech, Medical and OEM Industrial and Commercial industries.


We specialize in the machining and fabrication of general-purpose and high-performance plastics for the aerospace, medical, food-processing, and general OEM companies.


At New Technology Plastics, we offer a wide variety of engineering services to assist our customers with material selection and design to help maximize part performance.  We assist our customers with design to help ensure realistic tolerances and geometrics when working with plastic materials.


New Technology Plastics offers complete in-house mold making and tooling capabilities. Our team of skilled and experienced people are equiped with the latest technology in CAD-CAM design and are capable of tackling the most challenging projects.


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