Food Industry Plastics

At New Technology Plastics, distributing food safety compliance of relevant plastic materials takes top priority. The special care taken in this sector is reflected by product specific conformity declarations for the most important food contact regulations: FDA approval for raw material, regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004, (EU) No. 10/2011 (migration tested on semi-finished products), (EC) No. 2023/2006, China food contact regulations GB 4806.1-2016, GB 4806.6-2016 as well as GB 9685-2016 for Chinese market, offering seamless traceability.

Our quality management system is in line with international standards and is firmly rooted in our corporate procedures. In addition to being ISO 9001/2008, Ensinger can also supply compliance documentation for RoHS and Reach requirements, as well as General Conflict Minerals statements. Our semi-finished products are manufactured in compliance with the requirements of all relevant ASTM and FDA regulations for materials and articles intended to come into contact.

Food Industry Plastics Material Properties And Specifications


Food compliance certificates are available from New Technology Plastics for our technical polymers, which are most used in food technology applications. To address the individual demands of the market, we offer our customers an extremely large range of different types of plastic and dimensions from stock as part of our standard portfolio. This allows customers who serve other industrial segments as well as the food industry to distribute with unnecessary duplication of stock.

To guarantee seamless traceability, customers are provided with a standard certification package containing an order specific declaration of compliance for food contact materials, that will include FDA, NSF, and ASTM compliance for the base resin as appropriate, along with their typical ASTM stock shapes certification. Upon request we may also be able to supply compliance certificates for EU 10/2011 on certain products as well as the China food regulations GB 4806.1-2016, GB4806.6-2016 and GB 9685-2016.


Our standard portfolio of machinable plastics meets the specific demands of food technology in terms of safety and performance. These materials comply with the latest EU and China food contact regulations and FDA conformity on raw materials

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We specialize in the machining and fabrication of general-purpose and high-performance plastics for the aerospace, medical, food-processing, and general OEM companies.

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We specialize in the machining and fabrication of general-purpose and high-performance plastics for the aerospace, medical, food-processing, and general OEM companies.


At New Technology Plastics, we offer a wide variety of engineering services to assist our customers with material selection and design to help maximize part performance.  We assist our customers with design to help ensure realistic tolerances and geometrics when working with plastic materials.


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