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Custom Plastic Fabrication

There are numerous reasons why a company would need custom plastic fabrication. At New Technology, we understand the importance of high quality products and we take pride in our ability to deliver components that are created to our clients' exact standards. Whether you are creating a primary or secondary fabricated product, our company can help you complete your components using our state-of-the-art equipment.

We offer flexible plastic fabrication services that suit your company's products and needs. Regardless of your order size, New Technology can accommodate your project's needs.

New Technology Custom Plastic Fabrication Services

Strip Forming

Strip forming is used as an alternative to traditional thermoforming. During this process, our plastic fabricators heat a dimensioned blank of plastic material or an in-process piece and bend it to your specified shape. Our team can strip form in multiple shapes using numerous plastic materials. Also, if your project has a tight budget, strip forming is a cost effective alternative, especially for low quantity production runs that need a simple design and reputable shape completed.

Solvent Bonding

Parts that cannot be formed using our plastic fabricators can be formed using solvent bonding. Whether it is due to material constraints or cost issues, solvent bonding is an effective alternative for forming your products. Our solvent bonding process joins components together to form your finished part.


Routing allows for more precision shaping and plastic fabrication. Using our three and five axes, our experts can create custom plastic components to your project's exact specifications. Routing is an advanced form of technology, which allows New Technology to stick to tight production schedules and create intricate shapes with precision.

Assembly Services

Not only do our experts offer forming, bonding, routing and machining, we also offer high-quality assembly. Our turnkey assembly services can complete components for your project that require additional hardware or components in addition to the custom plastics.

New Technology is a full service manufacturer offering turnkey solutions for your project. Because we do not have minimum orders, we can service just about any project, any company and any industry.

Inquire about our custom plastic fabrication services today by dialing 888-348-4146 or fill out our online contact form and a New Technology expert will be in touch with you shortly.